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Credit: Jesus Saiz (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Comics

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has endorsed Joss Whedon for a live-action Batgirl movie, and given some insight on what she expects if he makes the film.

“I don’t even know if that deal is done or not – I don’t have the inside scoop on that,” Jenkins told the Toronto Sun. “But if it is done, then I’m excited about it. The tone of Joss’ work is great for female superheroes. He takes such a fun approach and I think he’ll have fun in the DC universe, which will be excited to have him.”

Credit: DC Films

In many ways, Jenkins is a successor to Whedon - in 2007 he worked on an attempted Wonder Woman movie, but ultimately left over disagreements with the film's producers. Warner Bros. went through several directors before ultimately hiring Jenkins in 2015, and is now being joined by several other directors in the DC Extended Universe such as Aquaman's James Wan.

“There are a lot of directors I’m really excited about and the storylines are all vastly different, with different tones and very different approaches to storytelling,” Jenkins said. “I think there’s a treasure trove of great characters here. Jason [Momoa] is off to do Aquaman right now – that’s such a cool story. It has its own vibe and dynamic completely. I’m excited to see each one of these films.”

Jenkins' Wonder WOman is due out in theaters June 2. Whedon's Batgirl film has not been confirmed, let alone scheduled theatrically.

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