Secret Empire
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has revealed the meaning of their "Hydra Takeover" intiative, alluded to by Marvel's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel last week. For the second month of Secret Empire, the connected titles will bear "Hydra Takeover" branding, following the "United We Stand" branding of the event's first month.

“As the second leg of Secret Empire gets underway and the branding shifts from 'United We Stand' to 'Hydra Nation,' we’ll be marketing the series with what we’re calling a Hydra Takeover,” Gabriel explained in a statement. “You’ll see that reflected across a number of press partners, some of our inline Marvel apps, sites and social media, and even comic retailers. Some have already started, and it’s exciting to see the Secret Empire shields working their way into a number of retailer store logos. We’re also planning to spotlight and promote those who participate and their logos in the first week of June. The goal of which is to drive more fans into your store to pick up Secret Empire.”

[click on the below image to see the "takeover" animation]

Credit: Marvel Comics

Retailers who participate in both the "United We Stand" and "Hydra Takeover" promotions will receive special materials related to each phase of Secret Empire.

Gabriel also mentioned that the Hydra Takeover, which begins in June, will coincide with the Hydra storyline on ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and an influx of Hydra related content in Marvel games.

Secret Empire #1 is due out on shelves May 3.

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