Report: IRON FIST is Netflix's Most-Binged Premiere of 2017

Still from 'Iron Fist'
Credit: Netflix

Despite controversy over the casting of Finn Jones in the title role and poor reviews from critics, Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist is the most binge-watched Netflix drama series premiere of 2017, according to Variety.

Variety's figures come from 7Park Data, a service that tabulates video streaming statistics for streaming services such as Netflix. According to 7Park Data's figures, 54.7% of viewers binge watched three or more episodes of Iron Fist on its March 17 premiere date - 7.8 more than the standard percentage of viewers who binge-watch an average Netflix show.

According to the same figures, Iron Fist accounted for 14.6% of all streaming videos on Netflix on its premiere date, surpassing both Luke Cage, Daredevil season two, Stranger Things, and the latest season of Orange is the New Black.

Comparing these numbers to Iron Fist's 17% Rotten Tomatoes score from critics, 7Park Data senior analyst Christopher Coby said “The relationship between critic reviews and mass appeal has always been a complicated one. Consider the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and the long list of shows with top audience numbers but few Golden Globes or Emmy’s to show for it. The actual streams data tells us that what critics consider the best shows and what streaming viewers consider the best are sometimes two very different things. Marvel’s Iron Fist is a case in point.”

Iron Fist has yet to receive a greenlight for a second season, though the character will appear as part of Defenders later this year.

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