LIEFELD & 16 Other EXTREME STUDIOS Alums Reunite

Extreme Studios 25th Anniversary Signing

Here are pictures from Big Red Comics' Extreme Studios 25th Anniversary signing that took place Thursday. Founder Rob Liefeld was joined by 16 other Extreme alums including Chap Yaep, Jeff Matsuda, Lary Stucker, Marat Mychaels, Rob Liefeld, Shannon Denton, Norm Rapmund, Matt Hawkins, Shelby Robertson, Andy Park, Jon Sibal, Dan Panosian, Todd Nauck, Art Thibert, Dan Fraga, Karl Alstaetter, and Danny Miki.

"I was so nervous and excited to be able bring these amazing artists whom I have worked with and watched grow for the last 25 years together. They have helped shape the pop culture industry over the last 25 years and for one night we got to celebrate where we came from." said Liefeld. "I'm so happy that the fans who supported us back then were able to come and see us all back together and celebrate this amazing milestone. I don't know when are we all going to be able to get into the same room again and the feeling was electric!"

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