Report: WHEDON's BATGIRL Movie to Draw From 'New 52'/GAIL SIMONE Era

"Batgirl #1" cover by Adam Hughes
Credit: Adam Hughes (DC Comics)

Joss Whedon's unconfirmed Batgirl film will reportedly feature Barbara Gordon in a storyline based on her early "New 52" era stories by writer Gail Simone, according to Entertainment Weekly.

If accurate, the purported film, which Whedon would write, produce, and direct, will focus on Barbara's return to fighting crime as Batgirl several years after a vicious assault by the Joker left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. In Simone's "New 52" run, Gordon had only recently regained the use of her legs.

EW also claims that the movie will specifically not draw on the "Batgirl of Burnside" era that followed, which slightly reinvented Batgirl by moving her to a new neighborhood and refocusing her story away from the aftermath of the Joker's attack.

Neither Warner Bros., DC Films nor Whedon have commented on this reported film.

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