Word Balloon - THE BENDIS TAPES, Part 2

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In this Word Balloon podcast episode , we present more of the Bendis Tapes. Marvel writer Brian Micheal Bendis continues to answer 100 questions from his fans at the Jinxworld message board.

Here are more highlights from the conversation:

Are We Getting a spotlight on Marvel Boy, and How do you explain the change in his characterization since the Grant Morrison mini-series?

Bendis-" You're gonna get a lot of Marvel Boy. I've put alot of effort into a larger arc that's been going on with him since the Illuminati mini series...in Grant's excellent story, he's quite the brat...he's a rabble rouser and immature .. I like the idea of someone coming here and having a choice of being a brat in jail or grow-up..that's what the Illuminati warned him about, by saying 'this can go a couple ways, so grow up'. That and having been faced with these elements like Secret Invasion (he's begun) to grow up."

"I also like the idea of having a member on the Dark Avengers team, who didn't know the rest of them are insane. From an alien's point of view it would take a awhile to figure out 'Oh, Bullseye is not a normal human being." because (Marvel Boy) doesn'y know what a normal human being is like. He's only met Namor...So I like the idea of Moonstone saying 'we're  a bunch of criminals and murderers.', and Marvel Boy saying 'Uh...what? You're what?' (laughs) "

On The List Specials coming in September...

Bendis- "I'm very very happy with the way the books are turning out. That's one of those things unrelated to my special with Mark...I think the other specials are exactly the kind of comics I would buy , and I'm very happy they're being produced."

When will we see the effects of the Infinity Gems in the Illuminatti's possession , one of the dangling plot lines from Brian & Brian Reed's mini series?

Bendis teases- "Early next year,  but who's to say we haven't been seeing their use already?"

Why was Daredevil: Ninja promoted as being included in the forth coming DD Omnibus, but then the word was it won't be?

Bendis- "We're going to put the Ultimate Daredevil story I did with Bill Seinckewicz (from Ultimate Team Up featuring Spider-Man, DD, and The Punisher) because I thought wouldn't it be great to put things I actually like in the book?' (laughs) ... It was 3 issues of kick-ass Bill Siencewicz art, ...and It's much more fitting to the tone of the Omnibus."

What will the back-up features of your Avengers books be like?

Bends- " I can't say yet ..the Avengers ones I'm doing they've been approved what's primary importance to me is they're not throwaways ...I know a lot of people are dumping on the Marvel, but applauded the DC guys for doing back-ups. What Marvel said was 'we'll do them but we're not going to do dumpy throwaways because a lot of the back-ups features in the history of both companies we're throwaways and they're nothing. Name me 2 backup series that you can remember?  There's been a lot of bad throwaway stories. And we're trying to come up with things that aren't that, and we have them."

More Alias with Michael Gaydos next year, but will it be set in past or present? In the Max line, or the 616 universe ?

Bendis- "Set in the present and I haven't made the Max decision yet, but  it will be based soley on material. If it is needed I'll do Max , but  I'm not going to force the issue. There's no mandate from Marvel, but I think I'd lean towards Max, cause why the hell not? If only to get more swear words in."

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