The JUSTICE LEAGUE Boys 'Unite' To Showcase JL, WONDER WOMAN, AQUAMAN Footage To Theater Owners

Justice League actors at CinemaCon
Credit: Zack Snyder

New clips from Justice League and Wonder Woman, as well as a demo reel for Aquaman, was shown to theater owners Wednesday at the annual CinemaCon.

In the first portion of the DC Films' presentation, director Zack Snyder and the male members of the Justice League team - Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher - introduced a new video package from the film, which Snyder said has been a seven-year journey, according to Deadline. Although most of the Justice League footage previously appeared in other trailers, a new scene was described where Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman broke into Affleck's hangar.

Credit: DC Films

Momoa then segued to an Aquaman demo reel which included an introduction by director James Wan.

"Unfortunately, I couldn’t be with you guys because I’m preparing the movie in Australia. I think our Aquaman is a complete badass. [Momoa] is the complete embodiment of what Aquaman is… these are super beings who have incredible powers. I’ll see you guys in 2018.”

According to Variety, the demo reel reportedly included models, animation, and 3-D concept drawings featuring Atlantis, a dogfight between shark-riding warriors and "octopus-like creatures," as well as "deep sea dragons, glittering palaces, and an image of Aquaman, trident in hand, riding a hammerhead shark."

"I want the audience to experience Atlantis in the way that Aquaman experiences it as well,” said Wan. “This is the kind of movie that could not have been made five years ago.”

Credit: DC Films

The final portion was about DC Films' most immediate film, Wonder Woman. Director Patty Jenkins and co-star Chris Pine were present for the event, with Pine comparing the film to Casablanca.

“It’s a really dynamic love story at its core," said Pine. "It has a Casabalanca theme that we really haven’t seen in a superhero film before and I think that’s what Patty brings."

The Wonder Woman footage subsequently shown reportedly had new scenes, including one of Pine and Gadot laying together in a boat where they share their origins.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to open in theaters June 2, with Justice League following on November 17 and then Aquaman on December 21, 2018.

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