BLACK MASK STUDIOS June 2017 Solicitations

Black Mask Studios June 2017 cover
Credit: Black Mask Studios

(w) Ryan Lindsay
(a) Sami Kivela
(c) Triona Farrell
(l) Ryan Ferrier
(cover-A artist) Sami Kivela
(cover-B artist) Christian Ward
32 pages
Cover-A UPC: 045778026746
Cover-B UPC: 045778026753
Synopsis: Lon Eisley is a hitwoman hired to kill a small child a few days after discovering her girlfriend is pregnant. In a bold declaration of uncertainty, she saves the boy and hits the road, despite the fact her boss clearly wanted him dead for a reason. This warped crime dystopia delves into the emotional dichotomy of creator/destroyer as Lon tries to connect the two very different worlds she now inhabits. From Sami Kivela (Chum) & Ryan K Lindsay (Negative Space, DC Writers Workshop) comes a gonzo tale of personal discovery, animal/hybrid hit troupes, and reactive pyrokinesis.


(w) Patrick Kindlon
(a) Maria Llovet
(l) Jim Campbell
(ca) Maria Llovet
32 pages
UPC: 045778026487
Synopsis: Reno's apartment is invaded by her aloof mother, an angry Instagram weed model, sleazy paparazzi, and a deranged celebrity stalker. She seeks answers from a television psychic, but ghosts have some questions for her. Meanwhile, her friends start to realize being close with a human target has its drawbacks.


(w) Matteo Pizzolo
(a) Amancay Nahuelpan
(ca) Amancay Nahuelpan
32 pages
UPC: 045778026647
Synopsis: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Zora and Jamil are faced with some harsh choices, a few roid raging Neo-Nazis, & not much water... but Disneyland has churro ice cream sandwiches so it’s kinda all worth it. California Über Alles.


(w) Tini Howard
(a) Devaki Neogi
(c) Jen Hickman
(l) Aditya Bidikar
112 pages
UPC: 978-1-62875-183-3
Synopsis: A stylish, political adventure about a pair of hip, clever teens who fool the world into believing they have superpowers. It is the 1960s. The Russians have the A-bomb, the H-bomb, and now the most terrifying weapon of all: a pair of psychically superpowered young people. Terrified and desperate, the US top brass scours from coast to coast in search of psychic Americans. Enter Dr. Isobel Santaclara, an eccentric illusionist and grifter who has recruited two teenagers and trained them to trick the US government, the Russians, and the whole world into believing they are dangerous psychics. The Skeptics is a pre-punk period piece, an honest, unfuzzy, non-nostalgic look at the Cold War in DC.

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