SCOUT COMICS June 2017 Solicitations

Scout Comics June 2017 cover
Credit: Scout Comics

Written and drawn by Tom Lintern
Full Color, 32 Pages, $3.99
GIRRION is a sweeping sci-fi fantasy story of a hero's journey in a distant world in a distant time. Jarra and Doltha make hasty preparations for battle, grabbing whatever weapons or devices they can find in the scientist's old laboratory. Although the invasion appears to have been halted, Doltha wants to assemble a scouting party strong enough to encounter whatever they may find below the city as they attempt to discover what was so important and valuable to the invaders.


Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Lee Cherolis
Full Color. 32 pages. $3.99
In a land of monsters and demons, LITTLE GUARDIANS tells the story of a young girl who must discover the truth behind her connection with the spirit world and in the process save her village from a dangerous cult.  In the aftermath of The Zucchini Festival, Tane speaks with Soma, a mysterious stranger with the powers of a guardian. She warns of a great evil on the horizon. When Tane is unwilling to help, Soma reaches out to Subira, the unassuming shop girl who has made friends with a spirit panther.


Written by James Pruett; Illustrated by Federico De Luca; Cover art by Federico De Luca and Francesco Francavilla
Full Color. 32 pages. $3.99
You’re seven years old. You unleash the ultimate weapon…your mind. What happens next? Everyone around you dies. You go insane. You awaken 16 years later. The Government wants you as a weapon. The world wants you dead. You just want your life back. Imagine a world where Nuclear energy is no longer the ultimate power. Imagine a world where one mind has more potential destructive capability than any man-made weapon.  Imagine that there are those that want to harness that mind as a weapon that can’t be detected by any devices, any searches, or any man. There would be no defense, no escape and nowhere to run. This is the world of MINDBENDER. Alex discovers that he is capable of altering reality with his mind, but he isn’t sure how to properly harness his new-found abilities and after his escape from the Branch Institute, he seeks sanctuary with a small collected group of misfits and outcasts that seemed to be expecting his ascension. But are they there to help him or do they have their own reasons for assisting Alex? And what exactly is the voice that mysteriously speaks to Berdy that no one else can hear? Featuring a cover by series artist Federico De Luca and a special Retailer Incentive cover by Francesco Francavilla (The Spirit, All Star Batman).


Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Illustrated by Scott Van Domelen
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
The next chapter in this hard-hitting, thought-provoking new series from acclaimed writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Warlords of Appalachia, Last Sons of America). Jamie Bennett can’t wait to start his own life, as far as possible from his boring family and townie friends. But on his last night at home, he witnesses a murder… and his dad’s involved. Far from upset, Bennett finds himself much more interested in the family business than before. But after what he’s seen, Bennett’s dad isn’t even sure he’ll be able to protect him.


Written by James Haick III, Illustrated by Branko Jovanovic, and Color Art by Song Ye
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
After being plummeted into darkness with little understanding of the cause, Jake Clifford has only one objective- get the people he loves under one roof together! While attempting to avoid the aura of chaos that surrounds him, Jake begins to navigate through his hometown in the hopes of finding Figs, who happens to be one of the most prestigious scientific minds of his time, and his assistant, Layla. Once reunited, they journey toward Jake’s family home. Here, Jake is sure they will all find some peace until the sun rises. Little did they know that the sun would never shine in the same way again.


Written by Joseph Illidge and Brendan Deneen; Illustrated by N. Steven Harris
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Named one of the “best books” of 2016 by Noisetrade! Originally published by Marvel Comics and written by Stan Lee. SOLARMAN returns for the concluding issue of his first story arc of the 21st century reboot! Super-powered teenager Ben Tucker has been captured by Minerva Lake, Commander of the Extraterrestrial Defense Operations, and she wants answers! The secrets of Ben’s power leads to an all-out war with the cyborg scientist, Gormagga Krool, and the fate of the earth is at stake!


Written and illustrated by Raul Trevino. Dialogue Editing, Robert Diamond.
Black and White, 32 pages, $3.99
In a post-apocalyptic world, three young mildly-deranged orphans, find that the chickens they’ve been hunted as a food will be part of a dire threat that could destroy what it remains of humanity.
Meteorites fell, razing entire cities, reducing civilization to rubble and leaving behind little more than a desolate wasteland. In these badlands, danger is everywhere, and survival is always uncertain, but somewhat less uncertain if you can get your hands on some chickens. Chickens, though, are scarce: they have been voraciously snatched up by a gang lead by a fierce drag queen, who has the impossible task of hoarding all chickens. Also struggling to survive in this post-apocalyptic world is a group of mildly deranged orphans, the Tinkers, who happen upon a mysterious and seemingly indecipherable map. The map gives the location of a secret bunker, one of almost mythical status among the tribes of the Wasteland. Racing to uncover the most dangerous secret of the Wasteland, the Tinkers encounter an almost endless variety of mayhem and surreal characters.

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