Tom Holland ‘Jump Streeted’ NY High School for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Research

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" still
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Tom Holland's training to be Spider-Man for Sony's Marvel Studios-produced Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't just limited to acrobatics, as the 20-year-old British actor was secretly enrolled in a United States high school for research in his part - and according to the actor, neither the teachers nor students were let in on the secret.

"I went to an English high school which is very different - it's all boys, suit and tie,” Holland responded, asked by The Hollywood Reporter about this own high school experiences. "But I enrolled for three days in a high school in New York as a research exercise. I had a fake accent, a fake name. It was fun. The Bronx School of Science is a school for genius kids, and I'm definitely not a genius. A lot of the students and teachers were confused as to why I was there so they would test me, and fire off questions at me. It was a little embarrassing, but very informative."

The prestigious Bronx School of Science has the highest number of alumnus who went on to win the Nobel Prize, and also coincidentally was the high school of Iron Man director (and Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star) Jon Favreau.

Credit: Sony

Director Jon Watts also elaborated on the new innovation to the Spider-Man suit which debuted in the new trailer - a device which the actor called a 'Spider-Drone.'

"There's a precedent for it in the comic books because Tony Stark builds Peter a new suit. Tony Stark is a very bells and whistles kind of guy. We had that set up in Civil War. That was one of the fun brainstorm meetings: What could be in that suit?," said Watts. "We made a list of all the neat things that Tony would put in there for Peter to discover or keep him safe. At one point, we just realized "what if that little spider could crawl out and move around and do surveillance?"

Holland adds that the Spider-Drone has "10,000 things it could do" and that it acts as a "little sidekick," which would be similiar in tone to the Cloak of Levitation in 2016's Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to be released in theaters July 7.

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