VULTURE's SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Origin & Henchmen in Confirmed

Still from 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
Credit: Marvel Comics

There are still a lot of mysteries about the characters of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but one mystery has been solved: the identity and origin of Michael Keaton's villain, the Vulture.

Keaton's version of Adrian Toomes (the original comic book Vulture) is a scrapper who cleans up after superhero fights. After Tony Stark steals one of his contracts, Toomes goes off the rails, using his scavenged tech to become the Vulture, becoming what co-producer Eric Houserman Carroll described to USA Today as "an evil Tony Stark."

Toomes is aided by his two henchmen - Bokeem Woodbine's Shocker and Michael Chernus' Tinkerer - who turn what director John Watts describes as "neat junk from other movies" into Vulture's weapons.

"It’s a really great starting point for the villains to have the Vulture picking over the stuff and finding the valuable exotic elements and having the Tinkerer assemble into something that could be used," Watts explained.

new teaser for an upcoming trailer showed Vulture's clawed boots tearing up an airplane in flight. We'll presumably get more of a look at what he can do when the full trailer arrives on Tuesday.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due out in theaters July 7.

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