Geoff Johns to Produce/Co-Write FLASH Movie

Best Shots Extra: Flash: Rebirth #1

The Hollywood Reporter has updates on the multitude of DC Comics properties in various stages of development in Hollywood. The big news for comic fans is the increased involvement of three very well known names: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and Marv Wolfman.

We heard about this relationship last fall, but now the nebulous "roles" are starting to take form. Geoff Johns, current writer of The Flash: Rebirth has written a treatment for a live action Flash movie, and has been named a Producer on it as well. Dan Mazeau, also currently working on a Johnny Quest movie, will be writing the script off Johns' treatment.

Morrison and Wolfman's specific projects have not yet been announced, nor has an upgrade from "consultant" to "producer" on any upcoming films been set for them. However, control of a live action Teen Titans movie was taken back from producers into Warner Bros. at the same time as The Flash, and the Superman franchise is currently considered to be on hold after the lackluster performance of Superman Returns in 2006. All three writers are working on most DC Comics movie projects together, in varying levels.

DC and Warners have several projects in the works currently. The Losers has a full cast, Jonah Hex is filming, and Green Lantern recently found its star with Ryan Reynolds, and projects featuring Bizarro Superman, a second John Constantine movie, two Green Arrow films (one being the Green Arrow in prison with a bevy of villains film, Supermax, one being an origin flick), Adam Strange, Aquaman, and Shazam are all in the works, though some are barely past the suggestion and pitching phase.

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