LION FORGE June 2017 Solicitations

Lion Forge June 2017 cover
Credit: Lion Forge

AB IRATO #2 (of 6)
Author(s):  Thierry Labrosse
Artist(s):  Thierry Labrosse
Cover Artist(s):  Thierry Labrosse
Riel follows Neve into the rebel ranks just as the security forces of the city begin their murderous search for the mysterious Gana.
10.625” x 6.875”, 32pp, FC


3 O'CLOCK CLUB #4 (of 5)
Author(s):  Butch Hartman & Jordan Gorfinkel
Artist(s):  Erez Zadok
Cover Artist(s):  Erez Zadok
Chaos is raining down on Mayflower High, just as the Three O’Clock Club has finally remembered that they’re a club after all! The portal is in overdrive, popping out monsters from the student’s collective unconscious. The scariest monster is just around the corner: GRADUATION.
6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  Joe Casey
Artist(s):  Damion Scott
Cover Artist(s):  Damion (Main Cover), Khary Randolf (1 in 5 Variant) John Cassaday (1 in 20 Variant) #1 Connecting Cover (1 in 25 Variant)
Daniel DosSantos is a young man living at the speed of life. After gaining powers from exposure to an extraterrestrial object, DosSantos became the rapid action superhero called ACCELL. The first of a new public kind of self-apointed crime fighter.
Unfortunately, there are consequences to moving faster than sound. ACCELL about to learn that danger exists on the flipside of having super powers, and will have to grow up quickly to survive.
6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  Brandon Thomas
Artist(s):  Roger Robinson with color by Juan Fernandez
Cover Artist(s):  Roger Robinson (Main Cover), Keron Grant (1 in 5 Variant) Patrick Zircher (1 in 20 Variant) #1
The global manhunt for Earth's fugitive superhero - David Powell - continues!
On the run from Foresight Industries, David's fractured memories continue to plague him. The kaleidoscope of flashbacks conjures ghosts from the past and shadows of possibilities, while his telekinetic power grows stronger. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman tracks David. She's armed, dangerous, and one step behind him. Friend? Foe? Find out in Noble #2
6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  Raule    
Artist(s):  Roger Ibanez Ugena
Cover Artist(s):  Roger Ibanez Ugena (Main Cover)
Jazz Maynard is a trumpeter; he also hides a variety of skills best kept secret. It’s these skills he uses when he discovers his long-lost sister is in the grip of New York sex traffickers. On a mission to her rescue and return her home, a labyrinth of trouble opens up beneath his feet, dropping him into a web of intrigue and danger that most men would not survive.
Jazz Maynard is not most men.
6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s):  Brian Smith & MK Reed
Artist(s):  Wyeth Yates
Cover Artist(s):  Wyeth Yates (Main Cover), Chan Chau (Variant Cover)
After escaping from the Surrogate, our favorite young mages find their way back to Clifton, and the three of them—in fits and starts—are learning to work together to use their magical abilities as a team. But their studies are disrupted when they are sent back into the wastelands, on a new mission to find a missing map that could give the mages an edge in the ongoing battle against a awakened Surrogate.
6.625” x 10.187”, 32 pages, FC


Author(s): Tim Hedrick, Mitch Iverson
Artist(s): Jung Gwan
Cover Artist(s): TBD
The Pilgrimage Part Three. The convoy must cross into increasingly dangerous territory, trying to avoid a terrible and scary monster despite complications arising from Hunk’s attempt to cook the “Most Epic Breakfast Ever” using a single massive egg.
6.625”x10.187” 32p self-cover standard comic, FC

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