Report: RAGNAROK’s CHRIS YOST to Write SILVER SABLE/BLACK CAT Screenplay for Sony

Black Cat / Silver Sable
Credit: Terry Dodson / Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)

Sony has hired writer Chris Yost to draft a screenplay for an untitled Silver Sable/Black Cat team-up movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Yost co-wrote Thor: The Dark World and penned the initial draft of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. The writer also has an extensive background in Marvel animation having been an executive producer on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and X-Men: Evolution. He has also written numerous comic books.

It's unclear if the reported spin-off will have any connection to Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or any other iteration of the Spider-Man film franchise. It is also unclear if the reported Silver Sable/Black Cat film will have any connection to the previously announced Venom film that recently landed a reported release date.

A previous version of a Black Cat script by Lisa Joy, meant to spin-off from Amazing Spider-Man 2, was discovered during the leaking of Sony internal e-mails. It is not known if a new Black Cat/Silver Sable film would be based on that script or have any connection to the previous concept for the film, though both versions were reportedly previously known as "Secret Female Spin-Off Project."

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