Report: WARNER BROS., FOX Among Studios Open to Early Rentals For Major Movies, DISNEY Not So Much

Wonder Woman
Credit: DC Comics

Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox are among a group of studios working on deals to make digital movie rentals available to home viewers as early as 30 days after the movie premieres in theaters, according to Variety

The films would reportedly be offered at a $30 per-rental price point, designed to compensate for lost revenue from theatergoers without leaving many viewers priced out of the rental.

At least one major studio is said not to be participating in negotiations for an early rental deal, as Disney has reportedly balked at shortening the theatrical release window of their films.

According to the report, a deal is not immediately forthcoming, and negotiations have gone on between distributors, theaters, and studios for over a year at this point. Federal antitrust laws prevent the studios from colluding on a deal, so each agreement will have to be reached on an individual basis.

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