MEN IN BLACK Director Wants Fourth Film - But Without Its Stars

Still from 'Men In Black'
Still from 'Men In Black'
Credit: Columbia Pictures

A fourth Men In Black movie isn't necessarily in the works, but director Barry Sonnenfeld, who helmed all three MiB movies, wants to see one happen. The only catch is, he - and Will Smith - might not be involved.

"I wish there were a fourth film," Sonnenfeld told Digital Spy. "I don't think Will Smith nor I would be involved. But I love the franchise, because I developed it and created it."
"But I think the problem with making a fourth film - for a while they were talking about combining 21 Jump Street and Men in Black - [is] there are too many expensive players in the mix. There's [Steven] Spielberg, there's other producers, and I think the way to do it is to have new agents or something like that. Not have me, not have Will, not have Tommy [Lee Jones]. Just have other adventures. I wish they would do it, I don't know if they will."
As Sonnenfeld alluded to in his statement, there were plans for a fourth MiB movie - a crossover with the 21 Jump Street franchise. However, plans for the film fell through. 
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