Screenwriter Hired For Live-Action STAR BLAZERS Film

Star Blazers

Screenwriter Zach Dean has been hired to write a new draft of the long-gestating live-action American adaptation of the anime series Star Blazers, reports LRM. Skydance Media CEO Davd Ellison announced the hiring at SXW, saying that the film's original screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie is now pegged to direct the film.

"We actually just hired Zach Dean to write the script, and we are working on it for it to be Christopher McQuarrie’s next movie after Mission: Impossible," Ellison said, referring to the 2018 sixth film in the M:I franchise. "Chris has been working on the film for a long time. It’s something that we’ve loved and been passionate about for years. This was something we originally went after seven years ago, and it took almost two years to get all of the rights to put together, which tells you how much we love it. The script is being written, literally, as we speak, and we want there to be a completed screenplay once Christopher McQuarrie finishes Mission: Impossible."

Star Blazers originated as a rough English localization of the anime series Space Battleship Yamato, with some edits that changed the story. A live-action film based on Yamato was released in 2010, and Skydance acquired the rights to an independent English-language version in 2011.

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