Marvel E-i-C Teases DEADPOOL Killing CABLE???

Cable & Deadpool promo image
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Editor-in-Chief has tweeted an image of a Cable Funko Pop collectible posed to look like an accompanying Deadpool Funko Pop is shooting him in the head. No explanation was given aside from the hashtags "bromance," "X-Men," and the message "Spoiler alert."

Cable and Deadpool have long been associated, both coming to prominence as part of Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza's X-Force. They shared a popular, longrunning title - Cable & Deadpool - that is one of the inspirations for the upcoming Deadpool film sequel.

As for what Alonso is hinting at, that remains to be seen. A new Cable solo ongoing series is launching as part of "ResurrXion." Deadpool has not yet been revealed as a part of that title, but this could be teasing a later story, or perhaps the announcement of an upcoming new title for the pair.

Last time Alonso offered a similar teaser, it turned out to be promoting the later-announced Weapon X/Totally Awesome Hulk crossover "Weapons of Mutant Destruction."

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