Uncanny Avengers #24
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Avengers Unity Squad is headed for some major changes as part of Secret Empire. For starters, a new crative team is coming on board as writer Jim Zub and artist Kim Jacinto with Uncanny Avengers #24. In a break from some of Marvel's recent publishing strategies, the series will retain its numbering with the creative change.

Zub's first arc as writer will take place during Secret Empire, with Steve Rogers sending a Hydra branch to specifically deal with the Unity Squad he helped found.

"It’s really hard for me say anything without tipping Nick Spencer’s hand for reveals in the Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day Special and issue #0," Zub told CBR. The team is under attack almost immediately in issue #24 and struggling to get in front of the freight train of bad stuff happening all around them. It’s an invasion and they’re in the thick of it.

In the story, the original Wasp - Janet Van Dyne - will return to superheroics as the newest member of the team, the roster of which appears to be remaining largely intact, despite the departure of Cable, Deadpool, and Quicksilver.

Uncanny Avengers #24 is due out on shelves in June.

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