THOR Getting His Own Theme Park - In NORWAY

Thor's Rike
Credit: ITEC Entertainment

A new theme park based on Thor and other elements of Norse mythology is being developed in Norway. ITEC Entertainment is beginning work on Thor's Rike ("Rike" means "Kingdom"in Norwegian), described as "a theme park in Viking costume" intended to mix history with mythology, and no doubt some comic book inspiration from Marvel Comics' Thor.

Credit: ITEC Entertainment

"Prepare yourself to embark onboard an amazing journey deep into the viking sagas. Granted you’re truly prepared for this, we welcome you to Thor’s Rike, where the viking age returns back to life," reads the park's description. "Celebrate your own viking-spirit that dwells inside you, with rides and rollercoasters, authentic shows on stage, eat like the vikings did and try if you dare, to negotiate with them at their many stores."

Credit: ITEC Entertainment

The planned Thor's Rike includes rides, attractions, shows, and even restaurants, split into six unique zones (but not the Nine Realms of Marvel's Thor mythology). Plans include a 4D theater show named The Ragnarok Prophecy, Jotunheim, the Bifrost Bridge, Valhalla, the Great Hall of Odin, a wooden rollercoaster dubbed The Ride of the Valkyries, a drop-down ride called Rune of Doom, and a Clash of the Warriors viking stunt show.

The park is scheduled to open in Spring 2018.

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