Up & Coming: Ralph Neise

Up & Coming: Ralph Neise

A page from Popgun by Neise

While some of us may be delighted by the biggest and the most popular in the world of comics, we all realize that for every popular book, writer or artist there has to be a beginning. While there are many ways to success with each story finding its own route, there is one attribute that can be found in each one: talent. Up & Coming is a regular feature at Newsarama.com that seeks out the next generation of comic creators and profiles them today.

Ralph Neise came to my attention by winning the “Vampirella” contest over at Project: Rooftop. As an editor there, I was amazed when Ralph’s submission came across my proverbial desk and new he had talent. Since then he’s drawn stories in Noble Causes and the recently released third volume of the Popgun Anthology.

Does he have what it takes to make it in comics? Read his story, look at his artwork and tell us what you think. For now, let’s talk to Ralph.

Newsarama: Congratulations again on winning the Project: Rooftop contest, Ralph. Before we jump into comics, can you tell us what you do for a living right now?

Ralph Neise: I´m still at Academy in my hometown Leipzig and am in illustration class. But weekly I get some freelance illustration jobs and gladfully some comic related material within.

NRAMA: So what comic work have you done in the past?

RN: I did quite some comics when I was 16 for a publisher in Germany that got some Verotik titles in their list and with the access at home to the internet 2 years ago I got a back cover for Mike Allred´s Madman Atomic Comics #6. a 6 pager for Popgun Comics vol.2, 8 pages in vol.3and I inked and colored 12 pages for Jay Faerber´s Noble Causes #39 and for Liam Sharp´s Mam Tor Press some pages for the publication FourFeetFromARat publication in TimeOut magazine London.

NRAMA: Do you have any upcoming comic work planned?

RN: Yes. And it´s quite some: first i´m putting together with my pen pal Alejandro Bruzzese a 64 page magazine called Basilisk including comic artists from all over the globe with which we want to bother some publishers. With Alejandro O will do also a 32 page comic for a new project Mark Smith and Dylan McCrae do next, but it´s to early to talk about that.

And the list is going on...

NRAMA: Do you have a dream project you'd like to work on? IF so, what is it?

RN: A dream would be to do something with Alejandro Jodorowsky.

NRAMA: Wow, Jodo is a rare talent.

You mentioned earlier you’re going to school for art. How early did you start drawing?

RN: I´m drawing like from the beginning of my memories. my mother bumped me into a weekly classes to learn all the anatomy stuff when I was 7 and several years later I´ve stranded in that academy of visual arts, where I took away some good impressions. I think I taught myself a lot through reading comics and a "I wanna top myself" mentality.

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