Learn How DARTH VADER Got His Lightsaber in New STAR WARS Ongoing

Darth Vader #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A new Darth Vader ongoing series has been announced from writer Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. The series picks up at the exact moment Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith ends, and the first story will tell the tale of how he got his iconic red lightsaber.

“The first arc is going to revolve around Vader's construction of his red lightsaber, because at the end of Revenge of the Sith, he obviously loses his blue saber when he gets all chopped up and Obi-Wan takes it to eventually give to Luke down the road," Soule explained to IGN. "So we end up with a character who is known as having this iconic sword, like his magical red sword, but he doesn't have it yet. So what better way to start a big huge series than with a quest for a magic sword?

“We're going to explore the mythology around lightsabers to some degree, which will be very fun. I'm really lucky that I get to tell that story. Seems like a big piece of the puzzle for him.”

The series will feature a much less experienced Vader than the one seen in the previous volume of Darth Vader, written by Kieron Gillen. The new series will also feature characters from the Star Wars: Rebels animated series.

Darth Vader #1 is due out on shelves in June.

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