THOR’s CATE BLANCHETT: 'There's a Revolution Happening Within Marvel'

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Thor: Ragnarok actress Cate Blanchett says there's a "revolution" happening at Marvel Studios, and that her character, Hela, is on the crest of the wave. One of the first female lead villains for Marvel Studios films (Elizabeth Debicki's Ayesha will beat her to the screen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), Blanchett thinks female villains have untapped potential in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Can you believe it? Can you believe we’re having this conversation and it’s 2017 and we’re talking about the first female villain?" Blanchett said to Entertainment Weekly. "It’s ridiculous. There’s so much untapped potential villainy in women. It’s really exciting. I think finally it’s beginning to be acknowledged that women and men want to see a diverse array of characters, and that’s race, gender across the sexual spectrum."

"Let’s face it: as a woman, these opportunities have not in the past come up very frequently," she continued. "I think there’s a revolution happening from within Marvel. I’ve seen so many of the Marvel franchises, particularly being the mother of four."

Blanchett also said she viewed Thor: Ragnarok as an opportunity to work with director Taika Waititi. She also said she delved into the character's history for the role, and that her trademark headdress would indeed appear in the film.

Thor: Ragnarok concept art
Thor: Ragnarok concept art
Credit: Marvel Studios
"It was really interesting to go back. Most of the time she was masked. So that’s what I really talked to the Marvel team and Taika about was when we would chose to have her masked and when she wouldn’t be masked...Her headdress can be weapons. She can manifest weapons out of different parts of her body. I won’t tell you which - I’ll leave that hanging."
As for her role in the story, Blanchett compares Hela's story to arguably the best villain of the MCU - Loki, who in comic books was her father.
"Hopefully we’ve given her a journey, like how you understand why Loki is as screwed up as he is. Hopefully, there’s that satisfaction in watching Hela."
Thor: Ragnarok is due out in theaters November 3.
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