KYLE RAYNER Chooses A Lantern Corps? - Possible GREEN LANTERN Spoilers

DC Comics April 2017 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics

The White Lantern Kyle Rayner will be forced to choose which Lantern Corps to be a part of according to the solicitation for March 22's Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #17, but two newly-revealed covers seems to have revealed the final decision.

Spoilers ahead for Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps.

Credit: Ethan Van Sciver/Jason Wright (DC Comics)

"As both the torchbearer of the Green Lantern Corps and the White Lantern of life, Kyle Rayner’s proved he can wield the entire emotional spectrum," reads solicitation to Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #17. "But when forced to choose, which ring will he don—and which Corps will he join for the oncoming threats facing all of time and space?"

#17's cover was absent from the original March 2017 solicitations but has now circulated online, and May's #21  has appeared on comiXology (with a heads up from friend of Newsarama Tyler Brune). The former seems to frame Rayner deliberating on his choice, while the latter appears to signal that Rayner has sided with the Green Lantern Corps once again.

Keep in mind that DC's solicited cover for Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #18 - released back in January as part of the April 2017 solicitations - continues to feature Rayner in his White Lantern garb.

Credit: Ethan Van Sciver/Jason Wright (DC Comics)

"To stop Sarko and save the future of the Green Lantern Corps, a Lantern must die—but can a returning Green Lantern find a way to save a life instead of taking one?" reads the solicitation for #21, with the obvious connection being that Rayner - now pictured on the cover as a GLC - being the 'returning Green Lantern.'"

DC have been known to use covers to swerve readers in the past (see September's Detective Comics #940), but absent that kind of misdirection it would seem DC is leaning closer to reestablishing characters to their more classic, pre-"New 52" archetypes. Two big questions remain however: why Rayner was forced to decide, and what happens to the White Lantern ring currently in his possession.

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