CLARK KENT's Secret Identity Revealed - No, the OTHER CLARK KENT: SPOILERS

Clark Kent doppelgangers
Credit: DC Comics

The longstanding mystery of the identity of the "other" Clark Kent that has appeared in Action Comics and Superman since the onset of "Rebirth" looks to have finally been solved in this week's Action Comics #975.

Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #975.

Credit: DC Comics

As reported by ComicsAlliance, the identity of the false Clark Kent is none other than classic Superman foe Mr. Mxyzptlk. The fifth dimensional imp with reality-warping powers reveals himself in the pages of Action Comics #975, on shelves Wednesday. CA's report doesn't spoil the details of how this came to pass, but does allude to a larger connection to DC's multiverse and the overall "Rebirth" arc.

Action Comics #975 comes out on Wednesday, and #976 is due out on shelves March 22.

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