Two More Added In Latest Marvel Mystery X-FORCE-Ish Title Roster Roll-Out

June 2016 X-Men image
Credit: Jim Cheung/Morry Hollowell/Justin Ponsor (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated March 8, 2017: Psylocke and Gambit have been added to the roster of the mystery (but smells like X-Force's spirit) new Marvel "ResurrXion" title planned to debut in June 2017.

With six characters revealed so far, the line-up seems a throwback to 1990s-era X-Men titles, specifically the original X-Men "Blue" roster as Gambit, Psylocke, Rogue, and Wolverine were on that team.


Updated March 7, 2017: Mystique and Rogue have been revealed as two more members of the currently untitled (but seemingly X-Force-ish) new Marvel "ResurrXion" title scheduled to debut in June 2017.

The adoptive mother-daughter team join the previously revealed Old Man Logan and Archangel.

Rogue has primarily been the leader of the Avengers Unity Squad in recent issues of Uncanny Avengers, while Mystique has been in Magneto's Uncanny X-Men.


Original Story: Marvel has teased another X-Men title launching this summer as part of its "ResurrXion" relaunch. Announced on Twitter, the promo art by Jim Cheung features Old Man Logan, Archangel, and an unknown number of silhouetted characters. It was tweeted with the caption "The comic series fans have been demanding! Coming June 2017."

Though no title or creative team was revealed, the line-up seems to strongly imply that the new series will be a variation on the more recent iterations of X-Force. Both Logan (albeit a different version) and Archangel were key characters in Rick Remender and Jerome Opena's popular volume of Uncanny X-Force from a few years ago.

The elderly Logan is already part of the upcoming X-Men Gold and Weapon X titles, the latter of which as leader.

The last volume of X-Force ended in 2015. A movie adaptations has been in the works since 2013, with the last reports saying that writer/director Joe Carnahan had been hired for the project.

Expect more teasers that will reveal this apparent team's roster in the coming days before the inevitable full details of the mystery title are finally announced.

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