Extended DEADPOOL 2 Teaser From LOGAN Released By REYNOLDS

"No Good Deed" still
Credit: 20th Century Fox

An extended version of the Deadpool 2 teaser has been released by actor/producer Ryan Reynolds. A truncated version of this surprised theatergoers when Logan debuted this past weekend in theaters.

Take a look:

The theatrical version cut out the Stan Lee cameo, as well as other elements.

In the full-length short film, there are several Easter eggs to be found ranging from mention of Nathan Summers, the Superman: The Movie theme, Hope, a poster for the Logan movie, as well as two different Firefly posters. Some have speculated that the Firefly poster could infer that Nathan Fillon would have a role in the next Deadpool movie, but a more obvious connection would be Morenna Baccarin who appeared in both Firefly and the first Deadpool.

The as-yet-untitled Deadpool sequel has not been scheduled for theatrical release.

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