New WILDCATS Title Confirmed

Wild.c.a.t.s. #1 cover by Jim Lee
Credit: DC Comics

Warren Ellis has confirmed that the third WildStorm title is a relaunch of founding title Wildcats. In his weekly e-mail newsletter Orbital Operations, the WildStorm imprint's creative lead mapped out a rough schedule of his work on the imprint.

"I have one unannounced comics project on my board.  Two announced but unproduced. 18 issues of The Wild Storm left to write," wrote Ellis. "I've written the bible for the second Wildstorm book, Michael Cray, and in summer I'll be completing the bible for Wildcats."

Ellis ha never written a proper Wildcats title, but has written the character in crossovers with the X-Men and the Aliens franchise.

Ellis had previously confirmed the Michael Cray title (the real name of the Deathblow character), saying it was the second of four WildStorm titles planned after the current The Wild Storm. While Wildcats is now established as the third, the fourth is still unknown.

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