Serial Fiction Meets Cereal Boxes: DC & General Mills Team-Up

DC/General Mills cereal promotion
Credit: DC/General Mills

The Justice League is heading into one of their weirdest crossovers yet, teaming up with General Mills cereal to present DC-ized versions of some popular General Mills cereal mascots.

The promotion will include six cereals, each of which has its own mascot dressed as a Justice League member on the box. The cereals include Honeynut Cheerios/Batman, Trix/Superman, Lucky Charms/Green Lantern, Coco Puffs/The Flash, Cinnamon Toast Crunch/Cyborg, Green Lantern, and Aquaman, and a special edition of Multi-Grain cheerios featuring Wonder Woman.

Additionally, artist Ivan Reis illustrated a large connecting image, with one portion of the image appearing on the back of each box. There will be four DC Comics promotional  mini-comics included in the cereals as well, with one of four Justice League stories included in each box. 

Credit: DC/General Mills

“In brainstorming with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC, we were energized by the similarities and popularity of the Justice League characters and of our own cereal characters,” said Lisa Kessel, a marketing communications manager at General Mills. “DC shared that many of their artists were also huge cereal fans and we were excited to bring that love of cereal and the love of comics together in one holistic event.”

Credit: DC/General Mills

The Justice League promotional cereals are available in stores now.

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