NEIL GAIMAN Signs First Look TV Production Deal

Neil Gaiman
Credit: Neil Gaiman
Press Release
FremantleMedia North America (FMNA), continuing the expansion of its scripted television business, has entered into an exclusive, multi-year first look agreement with award-winning author Neil Gaiman.  FMNA and Gaiman first began their relationship when the two joined forces to adapt Gaiman’s American Gods. This new far-reaching agreement will provide opportunities for FMNA and Gaiman to adapt any of his uniquely wide ranging works – from novels to short stories, etc. – for television.  The deal also allows for adaptation of projects involving third party source material and intellectual properties. The partnership spans Gaiman’s involvement in all creative capacities, including as a writer and as a producer. 
FMNA and Gaiman are already working together to identify a full slate of projects.  It’s expected that upcoming ventures will encompass both original content, as well as existing Gaiman properties, many of them bringing in acclaimed creators from additional fields, with Cat Mihos continuing to serve as the director of development for Gaiman’s The Blank Corporation. 
Craig Cegielski, co-CEO, FremantleMedia North America, said “Neil Gaiman is one of the most distinctive writers of our time and we’ve been incredibly fortunate to be entrusted with his vision while adapting American Gods. Our experience together has proven more than collaborative – it’s a shared ambition to create, develop and produce singular, bespoke content. We couldn’t be happier to diversify and expand our relationship to future projects.”
Commented Neil Gaiman, "Working with my friends at FremantleMedia on shepherding American Gods to the screen has been exciting and delightful way to spend the last three years. I've learned to trust them, and to harness their talents and enthusiasm, as they've learned to harness mine. They don't mind that I love creating a ridiculously wide variety of things, and I am glad that even the strangest projects of mine will have a home with them. American Gods is TV nobody has seen before and I can't wait to announce the specifics behind what we have coming up next."
Gaiman and FMNA recently wrapped production on the first season of their adaptation of Gaiman’s award-winning novel, American Gods. The series that brought the two together is set to premiere on STARZ on Sunday, April 30th in the U.S., and Amazon Prime Video internationally on Monday, May 1st.
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