DC's INJUSTICE Writer Cancels U.S. Con Appearances Over TRUMP's Immigration Policies

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Australian writer Tom Taylor, current scribe of Marvel's All-New Wolverine who will return to DC's Injustice later this year, has announced that he has cancelled his trip to Emerald City Comic-Con, and will no longer visit conventions in the United States over concerns related to the country's fluctuating immigration policies.

"I want to start by saying this decision was incredibly difficult," Taylor said in a statement on his Facebook page. "I was really looking forward to this trip. I have traveled to the US regularly since 2009. This year, I have four different books with three different publishers, and a TV series to promote. Beyond this, I have fans and colleagues I was looking forward to meeting. I also have many good friends in the States, and I was looking forward to catching up with all of them. Truth be told, I’m missing them. But America, through no fault of most of its citizens, doesn’t feel like a safe or welcoming travel destination at this moment."
"There have been reports of interrogation, phone data downloads, requests for social media accounts, returns and five-year travel bans and everyone from children to the elderly being detained," Taylor continued. "All of this has many people I’ve spoken to reconsidering or cancelling their US travel plans. I’ve had friends and people I work with suggest I leave my phone at home, or delete my twitter account for a month before I come. I refuse those terms."
"I don’t want to happily visit a country that is in the process of denying entry to so many, purely because of where they were born or what they believe. And so, I won’t. I truly hope things change soon. I hope America becomes the welcoming place it has been for me, and so many others, for so long. I hope I can again visit without trepidation, and I hope the country, once again, welcomes refugees who need America more than I ever will."
Taylor is the latest creator to make a similar announcement. After President Donald Trump was elected, creators George Perez and Humberto Ramos also vowed to limit their travel in the U.S. for conventions, among others.
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