OLD MAN LOGAN & Co. Versus New WEAPON X In ResurrXion Ongoing

"Weapon X #1" variant
Credit: Rob Liefeld (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Wolverine has been known from time to time as "Weapon X," but in the new ongoing title Weapon X launching this April, he and some fellow bloodthirsty killers are fighting them; and while he's Old Man Logan, this Weapon X is all-new.

Phoenix: Endsong's Greg Pak and Greg Land are reuniting for this decidedly more mature X-Men book coming out of the "ResurrXion" line. This X-Force-like team is fighting with a new Weapon X program, whose new goal is eradication of all mutantkind. And behind it all is a mystery person whom Pak tells Newsarama is a "classic X-Men character."

Credit: Dale Keown (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Greg, “Weapon X” has many different facets: what is it here in this new ongoing title?

Greg Pak: A brand new series starting in May in which Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Domino, and Warpath take on the resurrected Weapon X program which has a new mission to exterminate all mutants!

Nrama: So the book is named Weapon X - but the protagonists are trying to take it out? 

Pak: Yep! Over the years, the nefarious Weapon X super-soldier program has gone through a variety of incarnations in the Marvel Universe. Sometimes Weapon X has referred to Wolverine himself, the best known product of the program. But now there's a new leader of the Weapon X program who's combining its methods with a variety of other technologies to create greater threats than ever before - and Logan and the rest of mutantkind are now the targets.

Credit: Rob Liefeld (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: So how did you go about picking out these members of the team?

Pak: I got in a room with Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso and editors Mark Paniccia and Chris Robinson and talked through who would make sense. At the beginning of our story, our villain targets some folks for specific reasons, so there are key plot-related reasons why the different members of the group make sense. But the real fun comes from thinking about how these different characters will bounce off of each other in different ways. This particular group gives us a great variety of voices and motivations and possibly conflicting agendas that are gonna be a blast to explore throughout the series

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Wolverine is normally the wild card in any group he's in, but as Old Man Logan is the leader he can't quite be that. So who is that unpredictable one here?

Pak: Could be anybody, right? That's part of the fun of it. Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth are typically a straight up villain - why the heck would she team up with these heroes and why should they trust them?

Nrama: So who is the mystery leader of Weapon X then?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Pak: That's the big mystery! I'll just say it's a classic X-Men character. And it's awesome. We're delving deep, building a whole worldview and society here, in certain ways. Big payoffs are coming. Dontcha dare miss it!

Nrama: You’re no Billy Red Lyons.

Getting back on the subject of Weapon X, for this you're reuniting with your Phoenix: Endsong collaborator Greg Land. Greg has a highly-identifiable style - how are you looking to take advantage of that with your script?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Pak: I'm thrilled to be on board with Greg again. In Phoenix: Endsong, Greg consistently brought out great, subtle moments of human interaction and blew everyone's mind with phenomenal action storytelling. He's doing again with Weapon X. I've particularly loved what he's doing in the opening pages of #1. There's a moment of quiet in the natural world, and Greg's rendering those moments with lovely grace. And then things turn in a subtle way, and he's capturing all the nuance and fun of that moment. And when all hell breaks looks, he goes bananas. It's tremendously fun seeing these pages come in, feeling and breathing these characters as they come to life. I think y'all are gonna love it.

Nrama: So, big picture, what are your goals with Weapon X?

Pak: 1. To tell a massive, thrilling action mystery about flawed heroes taking on horrific, genocidal monsters. 

2. To combine mind-blowing action with great emotional moments of human struggle and connection. 

3. To have some fun and make great comics.

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