Dana Scully & Samantha Mulder On The Case In X-FILES: DEVIATIONS 2017

"The X-Files: Deviations 2017" preview

A gender-bent version of the X-Files time in a preview of next week's The X-Files: Deviations 2017.

The X-Files: Deviations 2017
Amy Chu (w) • Silvia Calafano (a) • Cat Staggs (cover)
In a world where young Fox Mulder was abducted by aliens and never returned, another Mulder takes up the crusade against deception! Agent Samantha Mulder returns with Agent Dana Scully to investigate a shadowy figure who may hold the truth behind the disappearance of Sam’s brother Fox. Guest-starring the Lone Gunmen!
FC • 40 pages • $4.99

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