Another FLASH Returning to DC's REBIRTH

"The Flash #22" cover
Credit: Jason Fabok (DC Comics)
Credit: Jason Fabok (DC Comics)

Wally West's return to the DCU sparked off DC's "Rebirth," and now his predecessor - and Barry Allen - looks to be coming next. A newly-released cover to May's The Flash #22 features Jay Garrick in his classic Flash costume.

This issue is part of the two-month "The Button" crossover between The Flash and Batman, with the two heroes teaming up to investigate the bloody smiley face button found in the Batcave.

Credit: Jorge Corona (DC Comics)

Garrick was alluded to in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, but in October's The Flash #9 series writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Corona flat-out teased the original speedster with the appearance of his iconic helmet.

The Flash #22 is scheduled for release May 10.

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