Word Balloon: The Bendis Tapes, I

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On this Word Balloon episode, Brian Michael Bendis returns with an all new Bendis Tapes Q&A session that's answers the riddles of ...how long will Norman Osborn's Dark Reign endure? What are the future plans for Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers and the Spider-Woman motion comic? And, what was the decision process leading to Jerhico Drumm's selection as the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe?

Some highlights from part 1 of the conversation including special pre-written headlines Bendis demanded be included...

Brian is the biological father of Gail Simone, and she is his biological mother.

Bendis's favorite part of Ed Brubaker's Angel Of Death crime film, was the scene with Larry Sanders.

In a recent poll at Comic Buyers Guide, he was voted "best butt in comics", (his body, not his attitude).

On the Powers and other creator owned project front...

In November Powers returns monthly with a double sized first issue , the third hardcover, and the Powers Encyclopedia. The full color Total Sell Out will be out in December. In addition, a new creator owned project with Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming is in the works.

Also, he has one with Alex Maleev, and two other projects he is actively writing with artists chosen, but not named. In fact Bendis was quick to point out, that all of these future projects are not being officially touted until he announces their start dates.

"Starting in December throughout 2010, I will be focusing on creator-owned projects, some of them have been percolating for years ...they will span the genres"

On the art front, Brian drew a cover for issue #4 of Oeming and wife Taki Soma's Dark Horse miniseries, Rapture.

At Marvel...

Marvel should be announcing the start date for the Spider-Woman motion comic soon, which has taken a lot of time and effort to do well...it will takes three views to comprehend all the work and detail involved...

Daredevil: End of Days…

"Just 2 weeks ago I called Warren Simons our editor, and said 'The fact that this book has not come together in a more professional manner was embarrassing to me, personally. 'I'm (watching) Bill Sienkiewicz at Heroes and I'm thinking about it ... The fact that I think I haven't jumped up and down about getting this book done... I think me and David like saying that we're working with Bill Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson, and the longer we'll be able to say it out loud...like, ' I've been working them for years...' (laughs)

“It will come out this year...both Marvel and myself and everyone are kind of rallying the troops. What happened was ...in this particular project everyone agreed but everyone was in the middle of other projects as well, and then were offered other projects on top of this...and this (book) ...didn't need me to ship in a timely fashion, where World War Hulk what Klaus was working on and other things did... and things just derailed from there,

“But, the pages that exist are amazing. Klaus Janson's pencils and Bill Sienkiewicz's inks...everyone who's seen them are amazed by those, but we are getting back to it quickly, because it's ridiculous that it hasn't shipped."

On the Avengers books...

Who is the person behind Norman Osborne's door, that he has ready to use if a member of The Cabal gets out of line? Bendis says "You will find out, in December."

Bendis is committed to the Avengers franchise for the long foreseeable future...

I get a big chunk of the toybox to play with unencumbered...I just got back from the Marvel retreat, and I proposed my ideas for the new year and everything was approved wholeheartedly...we'll be trying some new stuff."

Why was Jerricho Drumm ( Formerly Brother Voodoo, now dubbed Doctor Voodoo) chosen as the new Sorcerer Supreme?

There was a list of candidates that looked a lot like the candidates from Dr. Strange's quest that Bendis brought to a Marvel retreat. "It's nice to sometimes have stuff and go 'Here are some choices for the room,'... so then it's not just me dictating (ideas)and it's argued about ...everyone had a good time with the argument (of who should be chosen) and the story...I brought him as my number one candidate, because I thought the brother thing was interesting, and it was a different sect of magic...It comes from a different place so we have new rules, like the Eye Of Aggamotto is being used in a different way and the room kind of agreed with me...”

The possibilty of what if the less experienced Wiccan had been chosen is discussed too.

"That goes right into the story that's exactly how a lot of people felt... because then wouldn't that be interesting if he became Sorcerer Supreme and he doesn't have his (wits) together yet?"

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