SCOUT COMICS May 2017 Solicitations

Scout Comics May 2017 cover
Credit: Scout Comics

Written by James Pruett and Illustrated by Federico De Luca
Full Color. 32 pages. $3.99
UPC: 85999000241500111
At the tender age of seven, Alexander Oberman witnessed the gruesome deaths of his parents in a horrendous explosion as a result of his own mind tapping into a previously unknown powerful force. How Alex survived has been a mystery. Physically he was fine, minus a few burns, but mentally he withdrew into himself…into his mind. For 16 years, Alex hadn’t uttered a solitary word or had a voluntary movement of his own, until now. Those that would use his destructive abilities have been awaiting Alex’s awakening. Now, that wait has ended, and the world will soon learn the true potential of mankind. But will Alex be a vanguard for the world or will he be responsible for its annihilation? Featuring covers by series artist Federico De Luca and Matthew Dow Smith (X-Files, Batman 1966) and a special retailer incentive cover by Phillip Hester, Mindbender is written by industry veteran James Pruett (X-Men Unlimited) and illustrated by Federico De Luca.

Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Lee Cherolis and Color Art by Dann Tincher
Full Color. 32 pages. $3.99
The fantasy adventure continues! In a land of monsters and demons, LITTLE GUARDIANS tells the story of a young girl who must discover the truth behind her connection with the spirit world and in the process save her village from a dangerous cult.  Chaos rages through the usually carefree Zucchini Festival!  Idem accidentally unleashes a horde of demon wasps on the unsuspecting villagers, and it is up to his father, Tane, to exterminate the threat.  During the frantic battle a mysterious stranger, a woman with the spirit powers of a guardian, enters the fray.  Together can they save the village?

Written by James Haick III, Illustrated by Branko Jovanovic, and Color Art by Song Ye
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Where were you when the world went dark? When last we saw Jake, everything was going according to plan. He would soon see his daughter. A good friend was coming to visit him. He had friends, family, and a good job. He might not have been a great man, but he knew he was a good man—a good enough man. And he was just fine with that. He was content. He was able to sleep at night. And then the sky turned green. Awoken by the bright new hue of the midnight sky, Jake is faced with the perplexing reality of this new world before him and his thoughts now turn to reuniting with his daughter states away and how is he going to survive the journey when the world appears to have been reverted to the dark ages.

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