Cincinnati ComiCon
Credit: Cincinnati ComiCon

Cincinnati ComicCon has announced its end after five years in operation. The CCC ran in heavy competition with the Cincinnati Comic Expo, with their annual conventions routinely running within weeks of one another.

"After months of careful consideration, we have decided to end Cincinnati ComiCon," said the organizers in an Instagram post. "It was a noble experiment, and we are honored by the creators, fans, and retailers who joined us in making it all possible. From the outset, we were determined to run a convention that valued first and foremost the talented folks who work to bring us all our favorite comics. To the very end, we stayed true to our goals, and we remain very proud of that."

Cincinnati ComiCon was founded in 2012 by comic retailer Kendall Swafford, The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore, as well as Kara Moore, Brian Livingston, and Bill Haders. Its first year was funded with help from a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised $38,804. CCC ran annually from 2013 to 2016.

"As the modern convention scene finds itself moving further and further from actual comic books and the creators who make them, we remain hopeful that somewhere, others will continue where we could not. If you attended one of our shows, whether as an exhibitor, an invited guest, or as a comic fan, thank you. You guys made all the hard work worth it in the end."

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