BatBot XTreme

Fisher-Price's latest addition to its Imaginext line is a big one - literally. The toymaker has announced plans for the BatBot XTreme, a giant mechsuit inspired by Commissioner Gordon's Bat-Mech from Scott Snyder's "Superheavy" story-arc.
Standing at two-feet tall, the BatBot XTreme is massive, dwarfing the regular sized Imaginext Batman figure meant to pilot it. It has movable wings, punching fists, and launches projectiles.
"I never expected anything like this," said Scott Snyder, writer of the Batman "Superheavy" arc that inspired the toy. "When you do an arc like 'Superheavy,' it's pretty purely personal. I remember telling Dan DiDio, 'This is the one where we might jump the shark with fans, or like ten sharks.' But the story mattered to [artist] Greg Capullo and to me. If 'Endgame' was about what Batman has meant to me in times of depression and dark days, then Superheavy was meant to be about what we hope Batman means to the real world. Like, why do we care about a character who affects nothing regrading the problems we face in real day to day life, from the entrenched huge issues to the small personal ones? The fact that the readers supported it enough to warrant a  toy? It might be my favorite toy ever,m along with our 'Zero Year' figure. When they make toys out of the deeply personal ones b/c the readership was there... there's no better feeling. So thank you to everyone who picked up the book. You're Gotham."
The BatBot Xtreme will be available for pre-order starting February 18, for release later in 2017.

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