Land & the Fillbachs on Werewolves on the Moon vs. Vampires

Land & the Fillbach Bros on Werewolves

It was a quiet day on Moonbase Alpha...until they showed up. Hairy, savage, out-of-control wolf-men bent on destruction. And just as the moon-cops had them subdued, they found their problems were just beginning...that a gang of ruthless bloodsuckers were also up there. Now, the battle has begun...a battle that could only be called…Werewolves on the Moon vs. Vampires.

With the second issue of Dark Horse’s miniseries hitting shelves on July 15, writer Dave Land and artists the Filbach Brothers let us know the origins of this epic conflict, and made a good number of references to a 1970s sci-fi show.

Newsarama: Dave, describe the story. Restating the title is not an option.

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Dave Land: Three werewolves decided to go to the Moon with the idea that they'll take the joint over, since on the Moon they'll be werewolves all the time. Unfortunately for them they're led by a guy named Ted who doesn't think things through. First they run into trouble with the Moon Patrol, and then a bit later with a hive of vampires who live on the dark side. Chaos ensues.

NRAMA: Do you see Your Moonbase Alpha faring better than the one on Space: 1999?

DL: Did they have werewolves and vampires in their version? If not they were probably better off.

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Fillbach Brothers: But we think Martin Landau would have kicked any werewolf or vampire's ass right off of the moon! Martin Landau put's up with no crap.

NRAMA: Tell us about this bad-ass moon cops! How trained are they in combating the dual threats of the Lychanthrope and Nosferatu?

DL: They're fairly unprepared. But given that the Moon Patrol didn't know werewolves and vampires actually existed before they showed up, I think they handle themselves pretty well.

NRAMA: For the brothers: what appealed to you about this story.

page 3

FB: The absurd fun of it was very appealing to us. And when you get the chance to work with a great friend like Dave, it's something you have to jump at. The only thing better would be if Martin Landau was involved.

NRAMA: You have a fair number of panels on each page -- Dave, why did you make this storytelling decision, and brothers, what are the challenges and advantages of this format?

DL: The panels per page was largely the brothers' call. We didn't take a traditional full script / art approach on this story. I wrote up a page-by-page outline and shot it over to the Fillbachs.

They took that, and thumb-nailed the story adding in dialogue and subtracting or changing things as they saw fit. Then I went back and revised and scripted the issue and then the guys took it to the final. I wasn't really used to working this way at first, but I think it worked out great in the end. It's definitely been fun collaborating with Matt and Shawn.

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FB: As artists & writers we try to give as much story into each issue as possible. As Dave will attest, we all had a LOT of ideas that just can't make it into three 26 page issues. But at the same time it's a great challenge to get all the stuff the three of us wanted in. Hmm... 3 werewolves? 3 creators? Coincidence? We think not!

NRAMA: If Werewolves and Vampires on the moon fought snakes on a plane, who would win?

DL: Samuel L. Jackson.

FB: Or perhaps... MARTIN LANDAU!

NRAMA: Name other things that would be better on the moon.

DL: Laser light shows, rally car races, chicks in bikinis firing automatic weapons, post-apocalyptic motorcycle gangs, explosions, corn dogs, nunchuck battles... Really the list is endless.

FB: Give us a casino, cold beer, hot chicks, and the NASCAR and we would call the moon "home".

page 5

NRAMA: Dave, seems like you made the Vampires a might more hardcore than the werewolves. Do our hairy boys have an ace up their, um, paws?

DL: I don't see the vampires as more hardcore, they're just more self-involved and take themselves way more seriously. If the werewolves have any advantage it's that they're not as selfish as the vampires, they act more as a pack and care about one another.

FB: It's a a whole "Vampires are from Mars, Werewolves are from Venus" type thing.

NRAMA: You have the sound effect "SPLOOG!" in there. Aside from the fact that sound effects are making a well-deserved comeback, was this a subtle reference to Werewolf by Night artist Mike Ploog, or am I like one of those Da Vinci Code freaks who sees secret messages in the really boring parts of the Bible?

DL: Ploog is great, but there wasn't any intended reference. "SPLOOG" is just the most awesome of all the sound effects.

FB: We love Mike Ploog! And we did try to make the sound effect "MIKESPLOOG!" But Dave thought it sounded a little weird. And looking back, yeah, something doesn't sound quite right with that. Now, if we can work in "LANDAU!" as a sound effect then our work here will be done.

page 6

NRAMA: Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire, or why?

DL: Werewolf. For the simple reason that vampires are douche-bags.

FB: Yes, vampires have too much "baggage.” Werewolves are more the tragic hero of Monsterland. Sympathetic, yet can still kick serious ass.

NRAMA: Dave: do you see more stories in this horrific universe of monsters and moons?

DL: There's definitely more. By the time we get the end of the last issue you'll see what I mean. We've just begun to hint at the insanity that's going on up on the Moon.

NRAMA: What's next for you crazy kids?

DL: I hope we'll get to work together again soon. We've talked a bit about another horror-themed story in a vein similar to Werewolves on the Moon. With any luck we can make that happen.

FB: We will make it happen!

NRAMA: Anything else you want to talk about?

FB: Martin Landau, what a great guy.

NRAMA: Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Werewolves on the Moon vs. Vampires #2 comes howling into stores July 15.

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