Behind the scenes image from 'Hacksaw Ridge'
Credit: Summit

Mel Gibson has confirmed that he is in talks to direct a sequel to Suicide Squad. This corroborates yesterday's report that Warner Bros. is courting the Hacksaw Ridge director to helm the sequel to their successful but critically ill-received film.

Gibson participated in a question and answer period at a screening of Hacksaw Ridge in which the moderator asked him about the Suicide Squad negotiations, which Gibson coyly confirmed were taking place.

"It's kind of a first date," Gibson explained, when asked if he was nearing a deal in his negotiations with Warner Bros. over the film.

Gibson has previously been critical of superhero movies - especially Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - but that is apparently not stopping him from considering the project. Suicide Squad director David Ayer is still involved in the DC Cinematic Universe, and is reportedly directing a planned Gotham City Sirens spin-off film featuring Harley Quinn.

No projected release date for a Suicide Squad sequel has been announced.

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