BANE & His Creators Return To Conquer Gotham in CONQUEST

"Bane: Conquest #1" first look
Credit: Graham Nolan (DC Comics)
Credit: Graham Nolan (DC Comics)

Spinning out of the current "I Am Bane" storyline in Batman, Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan are reuniting with the back-breaking villain for a new 12-issue series titled Bane: Conquest. First reported by CBR, the May-debuting miniseries reteams Bane with his long-lost henchmen Bird, Trogg, and Zombie to, as DC puts it, "find new cities to conquer and new enemies to crush."

“It’s very exciting to return with Chuck to a character we so love and are so identified with,” Nolan said. “DC has allowed us to return him to his roots, bring back old friends and create new characters that will rock Bane and Batman’s world.”

Credit: Graham Nolan (DC Comics)

Nolan and Dixon created Bane in 1993 with Doug Moench, however no mention is made of Moench being involved in this new project.

“Always happy to be reunited with Graham and this is an especially heady experience returning to our most significant contribution to the Batman mythos,” Dixon said. “The best aspect of this project is that it’s not a cameo or nostalgia tour for Graham and I. It’s more like we’re back after all this time to work on a truly epic story about Bane and we haven’t lost a step.”

Here is the full solicitation for the first issue:

Credit: Graham Nolan (DC Comics)

Written by CHUCK DIXON • Art and cover by GRAHAM NOLAN • Variant cover by KELLEY JONES
The co-creators of Bane make a triumphant return to the character, with a twelve-issue series that will push him to the limit! Bane is seeking to create a global criminal empire with the help of his original gang, Bird, Trogg, and Zombie. The Man Who Broke The Bat moves beyond Gotham to find new cities to conquer and new enemies to crush. He won’t stop until he stands at the top of the world of crime! For Bane, it’s all about CONQUEST.
On sale MAY 3 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 12, $3.99 US • RATED T+

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