LOGAN's Dark 'Tone' Worried 20TH CENTURY FOX

"Logan" poster
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

The upcoming Logan film has been framed markedly different from the character's previous movies, and that change admittedly worried 20th Century Fox. During a Q&A at the Recode Media conference (as reported by Variety), studio film chairman Stacy Snider said her colleagues were "up in arms."

“Inside, there was real consternation about the intensity of the tone of the film,” said Snider. “It’s more of an elegy about life and death. The paradigm for it was a Western, and my colleagues were up in arms. It’s not a wise-cracking cigar-chomping mutton-sporting Wolverine, and the debate internally became, isn’t that freakin’ boring? Isn’t it exciting to imagine Wolverine as a real guy and he’s world-weary and he doesn’t want to fight anymore until a little girl needs him?”

Logan opens in North American theaters March 3.

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