THE WILD STORM Relaunch Expands to Four Titles

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Warren Ellis's reboot of the WildStorm universe has now expanded to include four titles. The first, The Wild Storm, is in stores this week. The second, titled Michael Cray - presumably some kind of reboot of Jim Lee and Brandon Choi's Deathblow - is already being planned.

The announcement came as part of an interview with DC All Access, which you can watch in full right here:

In an interview with Vulture, Ellis also clarified that The Wild Storm is a full reboot of the original WildStorm Universe - but that it will keep most of its history intact. In fact, Ellis says he developed a solid timeline going all the way back to the origins of the WildStorm Universe in the distant past.

"I mean, there were a lot of WildStorm books," Ellis explained. "And remember I said it was a pirate ship? The world-building was all over the place. I had to sit down and write a fucking cosmology for this project. Jim Lee made me invent 12,000 years of intergalactic history and I will never forgive him."

Coincidentally, Ellis' first WildStorm work - way back in 1996's Sword of Damocles - was during a crossover titled "Fire From Heaven" that explored the early history of the then non-DC WildStorm universe.

Ellis also said his new WildStorm reboot will not affect the WildStorm characters still active in DC's line, such as Apollo and Midnighter, explaining that his story takes full advantage of DC's Multiverse concept.

The Wild Storm #1 is on shelves this week.
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