Marvel's MOON KNIGHT Artist Makes His MIDNIGHT SONS Pitch

Midnight Sons
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Greg Smallwood

Moon Knight artist Greg Smallwood has tweeted out a piece of fan art proposing his own idea for a revitalized Midnight Sons team. From left to right, that's Hannibal King, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, the Moon Knight, and a throwback Blade.

Originally created in 1992, the Midnight Sons were the  central team and brand for a mini-line of Marvel horror titles in the mid-1990s which included Ghost Rider, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, and others. The team has rarely appeared since the late 1990s, save for one-off appearances such as in 2009's Marvel Zombies 4.

Smallwood makes it a point to frame his illustration as "fan art," but would you read a series like this? 

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