LUCIFER Title Theme Dispute Leads to Pair of Lawsuits

Still from 'Lucifer'
Still from 'Lucifer'
Credit: Fox

Fox's Lucifer is now the subject of a full-on lawsuit, alleging the show's title theme has been used without the permission of the composers, who say they were never credited nor compensated for their work, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuit alleges that Marco Beltrami, the credited composer of the theme, reached out to fellow composers Robert and Aron Marderosian (collectively known as "the Mardos"), to aid in coming up with music for the show when his ideas were rejected.

The Mardos allege that they agreed to aid Beltrami in exchange for being co-credited as composers and that owernship of the music publishing rights would be split. However, they further allege that Beltrami failed to inform Fox of the agreement, and as a result, have received none of the agreed upon credit or compensation.

This has resulted in a pair of lawsuits, one directly against Fox, who the Mardos are suing for copyright infringement for continuing to use the theme and for registering it to music publishing service BMI without including their credit, and the other against Beltrami for fraud, alleging that he committed fraud by failing to live up to his part of the agreement, which they contend he never planned to do, passing off the work as his own.

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