Credit: David Lafuente (Image Comics)
Credit: David Lafuente

Kieron Gillen, Dave Lafuente, Jim Rossignol, and Ricardo Venancios delayed creator-owned title The Ludocrats is showing some signs of life, as Star Wars: Doctor Aphra writer has given an update in his newletter. Originally announced at the January 2015 Image Expo for a "summer 2015" release, the book experiences "tedious delays in starting production" accordint to Gillen, and in the interim Lafuente signed an exclusive deal with Valiant Entertianment but now they're "diving in" to begin work.

"Ludocrats is, at its core, an R-rated The Never Ending Story," said Gillen, who is co-writing the title with Rossignol. "t's about the joy of imagination and possibility. It's a machine for making people happy."

Gillen goes on to say that concept has evolved since it was originally conceived in 2003, with a reach brunch with some of those involved coming away with a breakthrough that got the book back on track.

"However, in the few years that have past since writing the first episode of the comic, the world's altered, and our choices at the best could be taken as tin-eared, and at worst could be read as pro beliefs we find entirely repugnant," said Gillen. "By the end of brunch, we'd attacked the problem and found something that seems the core of a solution. In many ways, it improves the book. I say this to talk about the process, and the active unpacking of your choices. This is what writing is, for me. Why are we doing this? What's this about? What can we achieve? How can we best achieve it?"

An amended release date has not been given for The Ludocrats.

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