CHEW & THE MAXX Creators Stage An Art Heist In ELEANOR & THE EGRET #1

"Eleanor & The Egret #1" preview

Sam Kieth and John Layman reunite for a tale of birds and art bandits in a preview of April 5's Eleanor & The Egret #1 from AfterShock Comics.

ELEANOR & THE EGRET #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color
writer: John Layman
artist: Sam Kieth
color: Ronda Pattinson
letterer: John Layman
cover: Sam Kieth
1:10 incentive cover: Elizabeth Torque
In Shops: APRIL 5, 2017
The most daring art thief in Paris has struck again, and the police have assigned their best detective to the case. His only clue? A single white feather left at the scene. Could this feather belong to the thief? To the thief’s accomplice, an oversized talking egret? Or will his investigation lead him to somewhere even stranger? (Answer: all of the above.)
Presenting a peculiar and unforgettable tale of birds and banditry, paintings and pets, larceny, love and…lamprey-wielding assassins? From the legendary creator of THE MAXX and co-creator of SANDMAN, Sam Kieth, and the considerably less-legendary creator of CHEW, John Layman!

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