Netflix-Style Service COMICBLITZ Offering A Piece Of The Company In New Crowdfunding Campaign

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Credit: ComicBlitz
Credit: ComicBlitz

The digital subscription service ComicBlitz has launched a crowdfunding campaign with a unique reward: an ownership stake in the company. Using a crowdfunding site called WeFunder that describes itself as "Kickstarter for investing," the upstart service is including voting rights with pledges of $25,000 or more. The company plans to use any money raised to help in their plans to streamline its app's UI and add additional features.

“We chose WeFunder due to its domination in the emerging trend of equity crowdfunding, and its ability to help our fans directly join in the future of our company’s growth," said ComicBlitz co-founder/CEO Jordan Plosky.

The Los Angeles-based ComicBlitz launched in October 2015 as the first major "all you can read" digital comics service, now offering over 3,500 comics from Image Comics, IDW, Dynamite, and others for a flat monthly rate of $7.99. The leading digital comics service comiXology launched a similiar service, comiXology Unlimited, in May 2016.

"Having worked with the biggest in the business, I am extremely impressed with the way ComicBlitz is approaching the market," said Samantha Saturn, comiXology's former Chief Marketing Officer. "They have a keen understanding of the customer need, and they are clearly demonstrating to publishers that this model is here to stay. With the right backing, they will be unstoppable in the field."

Although currently only available on as an iOS app, the company has an Android app in beta-testing.

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