DOCTOR APHRA Heads Into Major STAR WARS Crossover... With Symbiotes

Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Luke Skywalker is teaming up with former Darth Vader protege Doctor Aphra in a new five-part Star Wars crossover titled "The Screaming Citadel" which Lucasfilm announced on Wednesday. Much like the previous "Vader Down" crossover, this will go back-and-forth between the main Star Wars title and the new Doctor Aphra title, kicking off with a Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel one-shot in May.

"It’s like, writing the entirety of the first issue is hilarious. They have such different life experiences. You know, she’s a little older than he is, he’s still naive and she’s a cynical monster. And they go back and forth and they tease each other and, occasionally, they push each other’s buttons. But there’s an underlying similarity," Doctor Aphra writer Kieron Gillen said in the Lucasfilm announcement. "They’ve both lost their families. They’ve both had completely different responses to the horror of the Star Wars universe, the big tragedy, and the push and pull of that is very much the heart of the book. But really, it’s just funny. It’s just fundamentally funny to see them go at each other. Writing that entire issue was a joy, in terms of how they interacted and went back and forth and how they generally got on each other’s nerves. Aphra, to begin with, gets the best of Luke, and it kind of switches up as you go further into it.

Lucasfilm describes the Screaming Citadel as "an infamous castle located on the edge of space," and Jason Aaron frames it as a "gothic-horror story."

"It starts with Aphra and Luke together, which is a pairing we didn’t really see at all in 'Vader Down,' and that really drives this story," said Star Wars writer Jason Aaron. "That’s probably been the most fun part for me, so far - reading what Kieron did with those two characters together and then carrying on from that. It starts with them venturing into a very dark and scary situation on a faraway alien planet and winding up in the clutches of a sinister alien queen. There’s symbiotes involved. There are Aphra’s two murderous droids and best-friend Wookiee, and then, of course, the cast of my book. Han and Leia and Sana Starros come running into the fray, as well, and there are several new villains who are at play."

Kieron Gillen will write The Screaming Citadel one-shot as well as the Doctor Aphra issues, while Aaron will continue on Star Wars. Marco Checchetto is drawing the one-shot, but no details have been released on the artists for the ongoing titles' issues.

Lucasfilm has more about "The Screaming Citadel" in this interview.

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