Is ODINSON Worthy Again? UNWORTHY THOR #4 - Spoilers

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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Ever since Odinson, the former Thor, became unworthy of wielding Mjolnir at the end of Original Sin, he’s been on a journey to regain his mystic Uru hammer and his status as the God of Thunder. Now, in this week's The Unworthy Thor #4 from Jason Aaron, Olivier Coipel, Russell Dauterman, Esad Ribic and Frazer Irving, that journey may have come to an end – but not in the way many fans might have expected.

Spoilers ahead for The Unworthy Thor #4

After fighting their way through Thanos’s minions, Odinson and Beta Ray Bill find Black Swan and Proxima Midnight struggling to claim the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Universe - which came to the main Marvel U during Secret Wars - in the name of Thanos. Being unworthy, they’re unable to lift it.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Odinson and Beta Ray Bill confront Black Swan and Proxima Midnight, quickly dispatching them and making their way to Ultimate Mjolnir. Just as Thanos’s forces rally, Odinson grabs the Ultimate Mjolnir, with a vision of the Unseen - formerly Nick Fury, the man who whispered the secret that made Odinson unworthy - appearing to say that “what began with a whisper now ends with thunder.”

Technically, Odinson hasn’t lifted the hammer yet – he may still be unworthy. But the strong implication is that he’ll seize Ultimate Mjolnir, possibly setting him back on the path to being the God of Thunder once again.

Not long ago, Civil War II ended with a vision  of Odinson – or someone who looked a lot like him – back in the mantle of Thor. Unworthy Thor #4 may be the first step on the road to that vision.

The Unworthy Thor #5 is due out March 22.

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